Our History

Hotel Acquasanta was born above all as a Restaurant.

An important tradition started in the sixties with Oreste and Angela Sarra.

Oreste Sarra, a "strong and tenacious" Abruzzese, a family of restaurateurs from the province of L'Aquila, after having experienced the best clubs in Rome, with certificates of commendation, as was customary, moved with the family, in the early sixties in Terracina , and after a short time identifies a land kissed by the sun, by the sea of Ulysses and builds a place that will be called "Baffone" Restaurant.

Oreste "Baffone" immediately became a point of reference in the city, province, region, achieving great success until the 90s, for a place that had made the traditional cuisine of Abruzzo and the sea is its strong point. It is difficult to find a family in our city that has not celebrated a celebration from Oreste Baffone at least once.

In the nineties then the children of Oreste and Angela decided, with their elderly and tired parents, to transform the large restaurant into a hotel-restaurant and then to the complete renovation in Hotel Acquasanta, from the source of the Acquasanta spring and the ancient cistern of origin. Roman (IV century after Christ) that insist in the district of the Hotel.